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KBQ C-60/SS BBQ Smoker Pit

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AmazingRibs.com’s Favorite Backyard Smoker: “The amazing KBQ is the most innovative smoker in the world. The quality of meat from this machine is astonishing.”
Winner of Hearth & Home’s Vesta Award for Innovation. Cited by three James Beard Foundation Award winners.
Uses a REAL WOOD FIRE, not gas, charcoal, pellet, or electric heat. It’s KCBS-legal for competition.

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Product Description

KBQ has tamed the real wood fire to eliminate the long apprenticeship required to master a traditional “stick-burner.” If you can put a log in a box, you can make thin blue smoke and great barbecue in a KBQ pit. Each pit includes:

  • Firebox: Inverted Flame™ technology with Smoke Selector™ feature, of 14GA 304SS
  • Controlbox: AutoDraft™ technology, of 18GA 430SS
  • Cookbox: 60-lb capacity with 12-position racks, of 18GA 430SS
  • Four wire shelves of 201SS; interchangeable with full size hotel steam pans
  • Two 3″ wheels pre-mounted on the rear legs
  • One Fire Tending Hook
  • One sweet KBQ can coolie

Before ordering you should be aware of a few facts to avoid any surprises (a read-through of the Owner’s Manual at KBQ. US may also be helpful):

  • The Firebox will require tending (settling the coals and adding a small log or two) about every 30 minutes. This is not a “set-and-forget” pit.
  • Finding fuel can be a challenge. The C-60 runs best on small logs that are bigger then a Red Bull can and smaller than a common brick. You won’t want to run it on charcoal or billiard ball-sized chunks, which are too small, too dry, and too expensive. Line-up a wood supply first.
  • The Firebox uses a semi-open flame and will spark occasionally; it also gets very hot. So, it’s not advisable to use the pit when or where you wouldn’t build a small camp fire, like on a houseboat, on a wood deck, or during dry, windy weather.

Other stuff you should know:

  • Fishy-looking “Just Launched” sellers’ listings on this page really are too good to be true – hold on to your wallet.
  • Your pit will ship with signature required for delivery unless other arrangements are confirmed before shipping.

AmazingRibs.com’s Favorite Backyard Smoker: “The amazing KBQ is the most innovative smoker in the world. The quality of meat from this machine is astonishing.”
Winner of Hearth & Home’s Vesta Award for Innovation. Cited by three James Beard Foundation Award winners.
Uses a REAL WOOD FIRE, not gas, charcoal, pellet, or electric heat. It’s KCBS-legal for competition.
The pit’s Inverted Flame Firebox™ makes thin blue smoke automatically, and it’s AutoDraft Controlbox™ maintains temperature automatically. KBQ pits are true “stickburners,” without the headaches and heartaches.
Invented, designed, and made in Texas by a veteran USN submariner. Laser-cut, stainless steel construction throughout. Protected by US Patents 7,895,942, 8,635,947, and 9,526,376.


In the Port Danielis Worldwide Invitational utilizing MojoBricks Southern Krunk Barbecue Culture gained first Devote PorkRibs.

In the Port Danielis Worldwide Invitational utilizing MojoBricks Southern Krunk Barbecue Culture gained first Devote PorkRibs.

Therefore here is a listing of several Apoor' Barbecue within the Mid Atlantic region, to keep individuals who believe they will have experienced great Barbecue away.

Greatest Purchaser's Guide Using Evaluations

After top excursions of more than 230 industrial bbq institutions in the united states, I will state that the Karubecue: ONE) Fulfills our demanding common of the conventional, wooden-terminated bbq hole; and TWO) Removes the obstacles to producing regularly excellent concluded item. Deceive is extremely comprehensive in the manner they stops working the areas of this pellet smoker while you can easily see. Update: you'll obtain remarkable service If this can be a smoker for you personally. That will be an enjoyable assessment check and could be upward for discussion, however for today, we'lljust phone it-one of the clearest and depart this smoker below to consume for that awesome element. Any smoker that powers using coals needs to be dealt with significantly more than the established and overlook.

Greatest Charcoal smoker gives precise handle of the smokeris heat through the preparing procedure.Everyone may have heard about charcoal right now to you, I am talking about that hasnot? Walnut is used by me whilst the wooden that is primary but possess a several hundred lbs of softball-sized portions of cherry and pecan that we use that the KBQ 'll be additionally used about by me. The Davy Crockett in green Hill is perhaps the best smoker available on the market right now. An extremely, very essential function to think about selecting on the best smoker for you personally is a great heat control. You have to pick the smoker that will follow your pockets since it will even mean in the event that you choose you wish to dash on another device that it'll spend greater returns as time goes by. We got Harry SooA Punch Hey Dad barbecue @ his house in Stone Bar California. The price is $375 regarding his course.

I've chose to purchase a smoker regarding a backyard home and my mind is currently re-writing with the choices which boosts more concerns! Shifting onto Aged Clinton Barbecue, GAis Outdoors Barbecue, and Atlantais Monk Bros Barbecue completed off the visit however the quest for excellent Barbecue hasn't finished using the distribution of the last reviews and also their journey. Possess a smoking useless smoker (gas) that functions amazing, a charbroil gril, along with an netherlands we acquired utilized. One suggestion would be to look for W&W Barbecue Pellets(observed above) when you yourself have a nearby School Athletics and Outside shop in your town. There are several fundamental issues you need to know about purchasing a smoker to reiterate.

SS Smoker Hole

But using the KBQ-sixty Barbecue Smoker, you flavor and will odor a clean-burning smoking that creates a gentle, nice, nearly flower taste towards the meat anyone prepare. Before we enter my pellet bbq evaluations, it is important to cover what kind of Barbecue end-product you are able to be prepared to accomplish using smokers, and precisely what manufacturers of smokers are most dependable. You can probably enjoy the Barbecue Defeat podcasts in the event that you have it that Barbecue is significantly more than using hotdogs on the lp bbq. I am still in the pit, although they come out excellent.

Which means you therefore are persuaded that and came this significantly! We drilled away the part starting a little bigger to support two Thermoworks probes (one for that hole temp plus one regarding inner beef temperature) after which stuffed the pit using JB Weld High-Temp adhesive. In my opinion his design much-less the SUBSTANTIAL Barbecue honours he's gained in the united states informs me he's successful techniques I'd like to discover although I've never joined one performed by Bob! Therefore, if you wish to accomplish a cook that is pellet utilizing 100 % wooden pellets that are cherry, you are likely to utilize more gas than you'd having a cherry wood that is OR mix, and it is likely to price you more as-well normally.

Our excellent buddy and Barbecue pal Shane Draper (of Draperis BBQ Rubs and Salsas) truly loves to create their own mixes - utilizing various forest in various amounts dependingon what he is preparing. We were luckily enough in order to determine all the manufacturers and models I was most interested in, at Sam 's NW BBQ. Browse the evaluations below and at. Which means you may know very well what this smoker will not do create the best choice.

Asian New York (W's Barbecue, The Hole and Wilber's) design Barbecue includes a hot vinegar sauce sweetened using brown-sugar & molasses, occasionally using mustard, while American New York (Lexington Number 1 Barbeque and Stamey's) includes a tomato-based sauce, spiced with Worchester sauce. Regrettably regarding KBQ Barbecue, it is n't made by them. Luckily for you personally, it is n't made by them. P.S. Provide character that is additional. Certain it'll be a significant challenge but we guarantee anyone that after you have perfected a smoker formula, you'll make sure to wish to produce more scrumptious, genuine Barbecue the charcoal cigarettes method and also to learn more!

they confirmed myself the Memphis Professional plus ceased in in the nearby Barbecue provide shop nowadays and stated it'd perform nicely regarding each preparing and cigarettes meatsORhamburgers. The smoker provides a FOUR-stand capability providing you with a mixed preparing area of 730-square inches. I believe Clark ABarbecue' Hale offers among the greatest publications actually for your Q and bbq grasp, The Truly Amazing National Guide on Barbecuing and Barbecue or something similar to that. It may cause you to feel and look including myself actually it-you aren't - as a skilled hole grasp.

The smoker includes FOUR shelves while offering a preparing amount of 2288 cubic inches. Whether you are a virgin smoker or perhaps a embellished rival within the sport (today men in contests are employing these), the inclusion of the Hole Barrel is inviting to any outside environment. In the event that you publish a picture please create your initial remark the things anyone reviewed, the stroke used (formula is much better), the temperature, period, and smoker utilized, and whatever you discovered from this. It was previously an indicator, it's today a guideline. It is theirvery personal KBQ design - the initial consequence of over 50 years of enthusiasm and commitment rich in Southeast origins.

Char-Broil the Straight Electrical Smoker of is among the better-quality entry level smokers. Myhrvold, a previous main technological official regarding a severe meals along with Ms and technology nerd, approached Karau to find out more and find out about the hole within an electric design industry journal, do their own screening and offered his thumbs up. There is a combining pipe for that heat within the again which produces a level temp and removes hot-spots.

It is merely a Benjaminor therefore significantly more than the Char Broil Smoker, and also it strolls as much as your entrance actions in large-dimensions pressboard. Kevin, I've a Traeger Tex. We purchased on the manufacturer unique ($750?) that incorporated a formula guide, several luggage of pellets along side 4-5 containers of Barbecue marinade and rubs. C 60 loves to run-in the 250 to 300 variety, while it fall down seriously to 180 regarding cigarettes seafood and is really a passionate smoker. FOUR shelves that offer an overall total preparing area of 730-square inches are come with by the smoker.

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