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Napoleon Grills Prestige 500 Propane Gas Grill

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Stainless Steel WAVE Cooking Grids
Heavy Duty Rotisserie Kit included
Soft Touch Control Knobs


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Stainless Steel WAVE Cooking Grids
Heavy Duty Rotisserie Kit included
Soft Touch Control Knobs
JETFIRE Ignition System
Prestige All Season Cookbook and ACCU-PROBE Temperature Gage included


I've done all the tips (even though the one in the manual about the grill plates is flawed (it actually doesn't have five holes) and still can't depend on the grill.

Broil King offers a lifetime warranty on the cast aluminum components, 10 years for the burners, and 2 years on the remaining parts and paint.

If I have to pick between two I would pick Napoleon because it does have better quality of steal on burners, flavour bars and cooking grates.

Natural And Propane Gas Grill

Priced at a mid-range $1,399.00, Napoleon Mirage 605 (M605RSBIPSS-1) offers great build quality and makes cooking with your friends and family easy. Napoleon® , a two generation family owned Canadian company, has been providing home products for over 38 years, committed to designing and manufacturing only the finest high efficiency grills, fireplaces and outdoor living products you can depend on. Proudly backed by the President's Limited Lifetime Warranty and all grills in this brochure are proudly made in Canada at the factory in Barrie, Ontario.

You plug in the Rotisserie (sp?) and of course the power for the lights and rear + side infrared burnesr into the power supply - but then the power supply has a socket for the source of the power (which you connect a cable that goes to the wall outlet.) I've tried many extension cords but nothing really fits (the socket is a standard NEMA 5-15P - Male) - so you need to plug in a cord that has 5-15R (female) end.

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Napoleon Natural Gas Grills

If you're in the market for a new grill, of course you've heard the names of the big boys on the block: Weber. The appeal of the infrared burner is that they reduce flare ups and vaporize any dripping to add flavor back into the food. Napoleon gas and charcoal barbecues are a family run business based in Canada, and they have a quickly growing following in the UK. Not surprisingly as the products are second to none. I had to build an outdoor cabinet to put this in and I had to tee off my fireplace just inside the wall for a natural gas source.

Napoleon is trying their best to avoid really doing the right thing with regards to the shocking amount of rust that has built up on the stainless steel sections of my Napoleon 485. Without question, this grill is a popular one, with fans giving it top marks for solid construction using durable materials, user-friendly design, and excellent performance. Based on design and features alone, you'd be forgiven for thinking the Broil King Regal 490 Pro was indeed a gas grill fit for royalty. Basic plug and play setup, connecting the gas then plugging in the light system to two AA Batteries.

Always remember to turn off the tank valve and burners before switching tanks, and take care to ensure that you have adequate space to access the tank without touching the hot grill. Stop by today and let us show you why we've decided to partner exclusively with Napoleon to meet our customer's discerning needs in the gas grill market. My brother-in-law has a Napoleon (2 years old) that he loves and his is a P500 Prestige series. Some grills also come with a hybrid configuration of both conventional and infrared. After all, nothing beats the convenient way to monitor my grill's gas on a regular basis.

For those that say ‘buy made in Canada” well guess what, my Sister and her husband in Calgary bought a Napoleon Prestige series from an authorized BBQ store and it appears to be made out of the same crappy steel as my Chinese model and is rusting also. At 400 square inches, it has the smallest grilling surface in our test group, but it's also one of the easiest grills to assemble by yourself. I would appreciate if users would perform same test on Napleon prestage grills and share info.

It's equipped with five 12,000 BTU stainless-steel tubular burners for high and even heating, an 18,000 BTU commercial-grade infrared rear-mounted rotisserie burner with full rotisserie kit, and a 12,000 BTU infrared searing side burner (ideal for putting a restaurant-quality crust on a steak). Along with the rotisserie and side burner, the multiple cooking zones, smoker tubes, and the ability to use charcoal all make it a very versatile grill that gives superb performance in all areas.

The infrared rear burner will allow you to rotiss up to three whole chickens at once. If you have no need for either of these, then leave out the side burner and save yourself some money. I used the side burner a lot, when the wind wasn't blowing, and the rotisserie on occasion. Free standing pedestal grills, mobile island carts, or permanent built in grills. My much beloved 20 year old Vermont sat out in all weather till the burners rusted off the fire box, but apart from Weber and Napoleon, what other quality grills are out there. Napoleon is another popular maker of quality grills, and the bold Prestige 500RSBI has all the bases covered in its total package. Just a company that makes good grills that pretty much everybody seems to love.

The 3 stainless steel Dual-Tube burners and the Flav-R-Wave cooking system on the Broil King Sovereign 70 Gas Grill provides 44,000 BTU of indirect heat, allowing you to get a proper sear. Built in ice bucket keeps beverages cold, available in all models except M485RBPSS-1 (Propane) and M485RBNSS-1 (Natural Gas). Add in the heavy porcelain coated cast iron cooking grates and you get a grill that can put on a good sear. You can imagine the excitement to grill for the entire extended family after that much work. Much like treating a cast iron pan with oil to season” it. Spray cooking oil over every steel surface, warm the grill for ten minutes on low.

It also has a similar grill but with natural gas fuel, making your every cookout great for the environment as well. This grill offers 637 square inches of total cooking area and three stainless steel burners which put out 38,000 BTUs of cooking power. That concludes our look at some of the best options in full-sized gas grills currently available for the home shopper. I am currently grilling on a Weber S210 (I live in a small space) but my dream grill is definitely a summit Those things are bad ass. The main and side burners are solid and well built, as are the grates, lid, and firebox.

The Prestige Series is fourth in the pecking order behind the Prestige II, Prestige V, and the Prestige Pro Series. Read customer reviews and common Questions and Answers for Napoleon Part #: P500RSIB on this page. The Napoleon BILEX485 Built-in Gas Grill Head comes with the highest standard components, featuring our heavy duty stainless steel cooking system, ergonomic control knobs, Lift Ease Roll Top lid, and rear rotisserie burner for restaurant style results. Being in the industry I can tell you that the made in Canada Napoleons are the best grills you can buy in their price points for quality, features and warranty.

Dual level stainless steel sear plates vaporize the drippings creating intense flavour while you grill. Be sure to look at both of these brands when you go shopping for your next gas grill. If I have to pick between two I would pick Napoleon because it does have better quality of steal on burners, flavour bars and cooking grates. You can even convert the natural gas into a charcoal grill if you want with the sold-separately charcoal tray. This also includes weber as their parts are from there and anywhere else they can get it cheap. I am presently torn between buying a Napoleon AS200K for slow cooking OR the Napoleon PRo22 - leg. There is definite discoloration on many parts of the grill (which is all SS by the way).

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