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Napoleon BILEX730RBINSS Built in Natural Gas Grill

Amazon.com Price: $1,599.00 (as of 14/12/2022 04:39 PST- Details)

Space saving lift ease roll top lid
Jet fire ignition system with stainless steel wave cooking grids and ACCU-PROBE temperature gauge
Engaging I-GLOW backlit control knobs for late night entertaining

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Product Description

The napoleon built-in LEX 730 with infrared bottom and rear burners. This gas grill head comes with the highest standard components.
Space saving lift ease roll top lid
Jet fire ignition system with stainless steel wave cooking grids and ACCU-PROBE temperature gauge
Engaging I-GLOW backlit control knobs for late night entertaining
Heavy gauge, long lasting stainless steel commercial grade burners with stainless steel sear plates to vaporize drippings and control flare-ups
High intensity ceramic infrared bottom burner (right side) for searing perfection


The high-end gas valves feature independent piezo igniters for a reliable start every time you want to fire up your grill.

A Napoleon grill's double-lined top lid makes you feel as if you're cooking in an oven.

Typically the larger the grill the more BTU's are needed to maximize the grills efficiency.

Natural And Propane Gas Grill

Priced at a mid-range $1,399.00, Napoleon Mirage 605 (M605RSBIPSS-1) offers great build quality and makes cooking with your friends and family easy. You plug in the Rotisserie (sp?) and of course the power for the lights and rear + side infrared burnesr into the power supply - but then the power supply has a socket for the source of the power (which you connect a cable that goes to the wall outlet.) I've tried many extension cords but nothing really fits (the socket is a standard NEMA 5-15P - Male) - so you need to plug in a cord that has 5-15R (female) end.

The Napoleon LEX Series combines high performance with aesthetic elegance in their outdoor gas grills - each LEX grill is proudly backed by the President's Limited Lifetime Warranty. If you think you may need to convert your gas sometime in the life of owning a grill, then speak or write and find out the models that are convertible. There aren't a lot of reviews available, but the Liberty certainly gets top grades for longevity, and healthy cooking with no flare-ups. Since this grill gets hot enough for most grilling I suggest adding in the standard side burner (provided you do this type of cooking on your grill). They are fueled by burning charcoal briquettes or natural hardwood charcoal chunks.

I've currently got a 6 burner stainless beast of a Coleman that I've replaced heat tents and other minor parts over the years, but can no longer obtain parts to keep it going after more than a dozen years. For more information on gas grills, visit our showroom or come into our store and speak to one of our knowledgeable salespeople or download our FREE Buyer's Guide. The best part is that Napoleon puts the burner on the grill and gives you the rotisserie kit to go with it. So many less expensive grills give you the burner, but then charge you extra for the rotisserie kit. An integrated wood-chip smoker box with a dedicated burner essentially turns this grill into a smoker. There's even an optional cast-iron charcoal tray insert if you don't feel like grilling with gas.

Napoleon Natural Gas Grills

This is a steal for a quality bbq built in Barrie ON. I wish this was a month ago. The rotisserie is another highlight, as the motor and burner perform beautifully when grilling whole chickens, and the rest of the grill is engaged with other duties. Napoleon Gas Grills feature, stainless burner systems, individual Jet-Fire ignition and dual level sear plates along with a complete line of grilling accessories. I do not care if grill is made in US, China or Canada but quality difference is obviously leaning towards Canadian made grill. Napoleon is a large Canadian version of Weber with really interesting features at a decent price. A flush-lidded side burner can be used to create sauces or side dishes, and gives another 10,000 BTU.

Flush ceramic infrared side burner, available in all models except M485RBPSS-1 (Propane) and M485RBNSS-1 (Natural Gas). There are four stainless steel burner shields over the four burners, and there are also three more in between the burners to reduce hot spots and provide more surface for juices to vaporize on. Nice touch but the grill still runs hotter toward the back. Christina, keep in mind the Napolean Prestige Line are exclusively made in Canada. With the technology built in to the Saber Cast 500, you're ensured of even cooking temperatures, no flare-ups like with some barbecue grills and 30 percent less propane consumption than traditional grills.

Not all Napoleon BBQ's have these features but please feel free to contact us with any questions on Napoleon BBQ's. Although both manufacturers use lover end stainless steel on cabinet and shelves major cooking parts on Napoleon grill were all made using higher end steel. Buying guide to charcoal grills Still the champ when it comes to flavor and still the best way to sear a steak. One of the cooler features on the Prestige is that you have the option of adding a charcoal tray so you can actually grill over charcoal on a gas grill.

The types of accessories you buy will depend on what's already included with your grill along with how you plan on using your grill. And very timely that I stumbled across it. I am about to push the button on a Napoleon Built-In. I'm glad you had a better customer service experience than others have had, and that they resoled whatever issues you were having with your Napoleon. You won't have to deal with hungry guests who are waiting on the grill because you can only cook a few at a time.

Apollo® 3 'n 1 Smoker ( Download PDF Brochure ) Apollo® 3 'n 1 Smoker, Tailgate/Charcoal Grill and Water Smoker provides you with three different grilling options each with multiple vents allowing you to control the heat as required. Every P500RSIB is test fired before packaging, ensuring that your grill will light as soon as it's out of the box. If you have no need for either of these, then leave out the side burner and save yourself some money.

Napoleon Mirage 605 is a high quality grill that comes with built-in propane gas grill with infrared rear burner. One of the side shelves holds Napoleon's infrared Sizzle Zone side burner, which heats in seconds to nearly 1,800°F. A Napoleon grill's double-lined top lid makes you feel as if you're cooking in an oven. Other features of note include two 7” crack-proof wheels and two 2.5” locking casters, a deluxe thermometer with a sensor probe that reaches deep in the oven for more accurate cooking surface temperatures, tool holders and condiment bins, powder coated black epoxy paint on the trim, and a 10' natural gas hose.

Nepolean uses 304 on everything - it's got a great sear station, and a smoker that's much more sensibly positioned allowing for more grill space. Dyna 5-Burner Propane's side burner is an alternative barbequing space for snacks and light meals. You'll want a grill that is small enough to easily fit in your space, yet large enough to cook enough food to feed you, your family and any regular guests you anticipate feeding. You will also find the highly efficient ceramic infrared rear burner under the hood of the LEX485RSIB Gas Grill. Due to their small size, travel size grills work best for feeding two to four people at a time.

You can grill up to 30 burgers over the main burners, up to 8 burgers over the infrared side burner. While quality and cost are not necessarily directly correlated, a higher priced grill is likely to include more settings and amenities than your bare-bones $20 grill. I think it would be safe to say that the Napoleon is a very high maintenance grill. This experience has sent me off to the Napoleon dealer with the thoughts of a Prestige P500 or P500 Pro, but all these comments and experiences reported by other Napoleon users is putting me off. The Prestige Series is fourth in the pecking order behind the Prestige II, Prestige V, and the Prestige Pro Series.

This blog, along with the Q&A discussion gave me the confidence to purchase the Napoleon Prestige RSIB 500 Pro. My much beloved 20 year old Vermont sat out in all weather till the burners rusted off the fire box, but apart from Weber and Napoleon, what other quality grills are out there. Most grills come with one of two types of burner configurations either conventional or infrared. Be sure to look at both of these brands when you go shopping for your next gas grill. These huge grills are ideal for people who regularly entertain large groups and have the outdoor space to fit a full-size grill. I love the Weber product, but the Napoleon build and features in my opinion clearly outclassed the Weber, at least on that line of products.

You can even convert the natural gas into a charcoal grill if you want with the sold-separately charcoal tray. The tanks reside below the firebox on the ground or on a shelf, and can be moved about when the grill is rolled to a new spot. So 10 years ago, you had your $300 grill or a better grill at about $4,000 (give or take). Be sure to look at the Napoleon line of grills, including the LEX485, when you go shopping. Grills have come a long way since the 1950s, when Weber introduced its now notorious kettle grill.

Other notable features include the drop-down side tables, which are made of powder-coated steel - and the integrated tool hooks and towel bars that free up even more space. And have everything in arm's reach with the chromed towel bars and large side shelves that double as prep surfaces. That red glow is infrared heat that will seal in the juices on that perfect steak or roast. The Prestige 500 has 4 main burners, 1 infrared rear burner, and 1 infrared side burner all constructed of durable stainless steel, giving multiple cooking zones.

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