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Napoleon BIPRO500RBNSS-1 66,000 BTU 30-3/4″ Built-In Five Burner Natural Gas Gri,

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Stainless Steel WAVE Cooking Grids
5 Stainless Steel Burners
NIGHT LITE Control Knobs


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Features: 48,000 BTUs gives plenty to heat to cook the largest of meals 760 Sq. In. total grilling area gives a large cooking surface for most items Four 304 stainless steel commercial grade burners evenly spreads heat across the entire grill Impressive new construction for the Pro series offers a sleek, long lasting appearance Stainless steel WAVE™ rod cooking grids help optimize cooking across a variety of foods i-GLOW™ / NIGHT LIGHT™ control knobs ensure precision cooking control even in the dark Infrared rear rotisserie burner gives authentic restaurant style cooking Removable drip pan makes clean-up easy and painless Built in warming rack keeps your food at the perfect eating temperature while the rest of your meal cooks Napoleon President’s Limited Lifetime Warranty included Hoses are not included, hard piped installation is recommended Product Technologies: ACCU-PROBE™ Temperature Gauge: This gauge allows for safe reading of the temperature inside your grill without opening the lid. With a range from 0 degrees to 700 degrees Fahrenheit (0 to 370 degrees Celsius) and indicators for the ideal smoking and searing temperatures, you’ll never overcook a steak again. INFRARED Sizzle Zone™: A special burner that creates infrared radiant energy, using ceramic burners with thousands of evenly spaced flame ports. The flame energy is absorbed by the ceramic, which then glows and heats up to 1500°F. The intense heat immediately sears the food locking in moisture and flavor. The result is succulent and flavorful food in less than half the cooking time. JETFIRE™ Ignition System: This innovative ignition system ensures a consistent and reliable start up through lighting each burner individually, and further, by utilizing a small gas jet ignited by an electric spark, an instant burst of flame is generated over the burners ensuring a quick and dependable flame every time


A set of 2 large 7-inch wheels enable quick and easy mobility so you can move the grill to wherever it's most convenient.

Wearing the latest in durable stainless steel, and pumping out 45,000 total BTU's this grill is hot stuff.

Napoleon Gourmet Grills, a leader in manufacturing technology offering mid to high end gas grills enjoys high brand name recognition in North America.

Weber Vs. Napoleon Grill

When I was researching grills I wanted one that would, of course, make amazing meals, but also last a long time. All product reviews are for informational purposes only and are the opinions of the editorial team at We encourage all consumers to conduct their own research before purchasing products and is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to We also link to other products where we receive a commission.

There is definite discoloration on many parts of the grill (which is all SS by the way). Their Built-in grills allow you to keep all the Napoleon quality and performance in your own custom setting. You should NOT have to replace that many parts on a $1000 BBQ at your own expense every couple of years. The grill has a sturdy hold once you wheel it to your desired location with four (4) heavy duty casters. We went looking for a Goldilocks grill that would suit everyone: a grill with decent size, great performance, quality construction backed up with a great warranty, and a lower retail price than our benchmark Weber Spirit three-burner. I love the Weber product, but the Napoleon build and features in my opinion clearly outclassed the Weber, at least on that line of products.

Constant improvement has given the MHP brand of grills with exceptional longevity of product and a quality product of unsurpassed excellence, passed down thru generations of families. With durable construction and easy conversion, you get the speed and control of gas with the tradition and taste of charcoal - all in one. The Char-Broil Professional 2 Burner Free Standing Liquid Propane Gas Grill with Cabinet is the perfect way to cook up a dinner for friends and family! I did the burgers on high on one half of the grill and the veges and corn on low on the other half of the grill. Inside the grill you will find Napoleon's uniquely shaped stainless steel WAVE rod grids.

A Review Of Napoleon Vs Weber Gas Grills

This is a basic, relatively expensive gas grill similar in many ways to the Weber Genesis. The Post Mount screws to your deck, or dock, providing a stable and permanent surface to set your Marine Grill. Napoleon's Grill Selector Tool will guide you through several choices and customize a recommendation based on your responses. Roast a prime rib on the grill instead of in the oven, or bake a cake or cookies instead. The Napoleon Triumph Series BBQs feature stainless steel construction for durability and a low price tag. For a compact grill, the Napoleon Prestige has a lot of versatility and primary cooking space.

Since the radiant plates are less than an inch from the cooking surface, you can do some serious searing with this grill. The Dyna-Glo Natural Gas Grill is an excellent choice for the entire BBQ experience and with 764-square inches of cooking area, there's enough space to grill for your family, friends and neighbors. The grill also requires an outlet to power its interior halogen lights and glowing knobs for easy nighttime cooking.

Napoleon prides itself on taking your grilling experience to the next level and the Rogue Series R425SIBNSS Gas Grill is the perfect way to make your (sear) mark while cooking. The Napoleon Mirage comes with a limited lifetime warranty for its burners, and the parts have an impressive five-year warranty. Napoleon also boasts a 10 year + 5 warranty on their burners and flame tamers that provides replacement parts at a 50% of normal cost for 5 years after the 10 year warranty expires. The ignition system makes starting the grill quick and easy with the press of a button. A set of 2 large 6-inch wheels enable quick and easy mobility so you can move the grill to wherever it's most convenient.

Known for its solid construction, performance, and attractive appearance, it's the grill you buy when you grow up. The EP-330 features a sear burner and side burner, and, while side burners are nothing to get excited about, when it comes to searing steaks, you can never have too much sizzle. I finally decided that the rain soaked original cover was retaining more moisture than if I just left grill uncovered - so now is uncovered.

I went to specialty store where I had Weber CEP 330 and Napoleon Prestige 500 RSIB in the same room. The Mirage also gives you the rare option to use charcoal with a tray that lets you convert half of your grill to a charcoal grill. With the lid closed, this gas grill measures 59.25 inches high, 61.75 inches wide and 27.25 inches deep. An integrated wood-chip smoker box with a dedicated burner essentially turns this grill into a smoker. Manufacturers tout the number of BTUs (British thermal units) their grills can produce, but that number can be very misleading. Overall I would say I've been very satisfied with the grill as I've never had to put a dime into it….yet.

Napoleon Gas Grills feature, stainless burner systems, individual Jet-Fire ignition and dual level sear plates along with a complete line of grilling accessories. The RV Mount is perfect for your camper and even has tool hangers built in. The Rail Mount is exactly what it sounds like. They spread the heat evenly throughout the grill and vaporize the grease from your food producing the amazing grilled flavor that you love. Having read the comments here, I think I'll be looking into a new Weber again instead of the higher end Napoleans I was considering. The grill features a compact design to fit into small spaces and save room and the folding side shelves provide convenient storage.

The roll-top lid is also handy, because it decreases the space the grill takes up. Many grills need a few extra inches of clearance so you can lift the lid all the way up. The lid on this grill rolls forward as it lifts, so it is almost flush with the back of the grill. Different components of our grills are made from different grades of stainless steel. But, when comparing it to the Napoleon Pro825, the differences were very apparent. Every P500RSIB is test fired before packaging, ensuring that your grill will light as soon as it's out of the box. This ensures that the grill grates stay hot and sear your steak in a timely fashion. The grill heats quickly and evenly, body is good quality stainless, nice and thick.

Stainless steel burners and durable steel side shelves are built to be tough and simple to clean, letting you spend more time grilling and enjoying the company of your family and friends, while the stainless steel lid and firebox are strong enough to stand up to the weather. Stainless steel also helps the grill resistant to rust and wear, and is easy to clean. It was cheaper to buy a Weber once rather than a cheaper grill every few years. Napoleon LEX gas grills are an excellent value, especially considering the grill's innovative accessories and features.

Napoleon Prestige grills feature 2 high-performance infrared burners, an energy efficient way to grill up delicious tasting foods, searing meat more effectively than conventional gas and charcoal grilling. I have read on many forums that the Canadian Tire or big box store ones are not the same regardless of what People say wether they work for Napoleon or not. Reloading or stoking charcoal is made simple by opening the steel access door on the front of the grill.

Napoleon Gourmet Grills, a leader in manufacturing technology offering mid to high end gas grills enjoys high brand name recognition in North America. This is a good-looking grill that lists for a couple hundred dollars less than a comparable Weber Genesis. The Napoleon Triumph 410 Gas Grill features convenient folding side shelves and locking casters so that you can tuck your grill away when it's not in use, or bring it to where the action is. The integrated bottle opener means you can stay with the party not miss out on the fun while searching for an opener in the junk drawer. No other grill gives you such versatility with an affordable price and high quality components.

Infrared burner Infrared burner Gas burner that uses infrared technology (ceramic burner, plates and screens, or troughs as some examples) for cooking. Napoleon model LEX485 is a quality grill constructed of high grade stainless steel which is built to last and to outperform most grills in its class. We've calculated heat flux for you here and in the extensive searchable equipment review database at Typical flux for a gas grill is around 85 BTUs per square inch.

The rotisserie bar sits nice and high above the grill grates, so there's no need to remove the grates for most purposes. They are not as good as they used to be. I know that I am making strong comes here about something that is not that important in your lifes, such as grill. The 3 burners are easy to ignite with the Piezo ignition system that delivers a reliable spark with every push of the button, ensuring you're ready to grill in seconds.

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