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Napoleon 1100c Wood Burning Stove – Black

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EPA approved – produces more heat with less fuel
Stylish looks with a large viewing window and arched cast iron door
Single Lever Burn Control Regulates Primary and Secondary Air for a Clean Efficient Burn

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Napoleon 1100C Wood Burning Stove – Black. 1100CP-1. Freestanding Wood Burning Stoves. This wood burning stove features a durable and heat efficient cast iron construction and a beautiful painted black finish for an appealing finishing touch to your home decor. The full front elegantly arched early American door features hidden hinges for an authentic appeal. Ceramic glass helps to protect your home from the open fire while still offering a large view of the flame and the rear shield and hot air circulation deflector improves circulation and safety. There is a readily accessible ash dump with a self-closing door for easy cleaning and the fully refractory lined firebox has features similar to a kiln to maintain the interior temperature that is necessary to achieve lower emissions. The easy operation of a single lever burn control regulates primary and secondary air to establish a perfect air mixture and provide a clean burn. The primary bottom air feed assists in cold start ups and helps to revive a shrinking fire. This wood stove has an effective air wash that, in combination with high temperatures, keeps the high heat ceramic viewing glass clean without any fuss. With a maximum log size of 18 inches this stove is capable of heating approximately 600-1500 square-feet. This 1100C wood burning stove is EPA approved with emissions as low as 4. 1 grams per hour and 69. 8 percent overall maximum heating efficiency, which means you can achieve more heat with substantially less fuel. Napoleon delivers safety through functional products that have been both CSA and ANSI certified. Dimensions (in inches): 22 1/2 D x 25 1/2 W x 33 1/4 H.
EPA approved – produces more heat with less fuel
Stylish looks with a large viewing window and arched cast iron door
Single Lever Burn Control Regulates Primary and Secondary Air for a Clean Efficient Burn


I have a Napoleon wood burning stove, inside chimney, fire box, and accessories.

With Napoleon's Vortex advanced wood burning technology, an extraordinary clean burn is achieved.

Names like Regency, Hampton, Napoleon, Vermont Castings, and Pacific Energy ensure that your stove is a solution that looks great and does a great job too.

Napoleon Wood Burning Stoves And Inserts

This unique, functional, EPA certified wood stove produces lots of warm, comfortable heat with the added benefit of a reliable cook top surface. The S4 is the perfect wood burning stove for those wanting wood burning technology with a clean, contemporary look. I do sometimes wish I went with the enameled version because our stove is not as nice and shiny as it was new..but this new car feeling soon rubs off. The Napoleon EPA Independence wood burning stove adopts a modern design that makes it stand out in the market. Of average-density wood, and a raging wood fire of that size can produce a lot of heat: enough to provide meaningful warmth into the room despite the tremendous heat loss out the flue caused by the non-airtight design. With Napoleon's Vortex advanced wood burning technology, an extraordinary clean burn is achieved.

Most secondary burn designs are stainless tubes that are fully exposed, this stove uses a burn tube that is shielded by a big steel runner and has large slots drilled into it, when the steel sags it blocks the secondary chamber and the efficiency drops right off as does the heat. The Wood Gourmet - 1150P Wood Burning Stove is unique, functional, EPA certified and produces lots of warm, comfortable heat with the added benefit of a reliable cook top surface. By understanding warmth in every detail, we illustrate our expertise surrounding it. Indeed, our expertise with each element is the result of our passion for designing and manufacturing the world's finest cast iron stoves.

When I use my stove which I do most days doing the winter my bill is around $30 to $60.00 a month I'm not paid by anyone to say this Ijust want the public to know there is a better way to the down side is I have to cut and split wood most of the time the wood is free I have never bought any Folks give it away to get rid of it. Continental Stoves are designed and manufactured to strict quality testing standards for your peace of mind. Check below for a list of compatible accessories and decorations to add to your great looking wood stove. Features: Heats 1000-2000 sq ft Advanced wood burning technology solid cast iron design boasts a European style, a single decorative arched door with ceramic glass and a large view of the fire.

Wood Stoves

I think DS Machine Stoves are the best Wood & Coal burning stoves and furnaces you can buy. This is the only steel stove I have ever had or (to my knowledge) seen in operation. Napoleon's 1100C cast iron stove features advanced wood burning technology that provides you with the cleanest, most efficient heating experience. Any of the Timberwolf line of wood stoves, such as the Timberwolf 2200 Economizer EPA Wood Burning Stove would be a good choice for this type of application. Napoleon's air wash technology combined with high temperatures help keep the viewing glass clean so you can always enjoy the beautiful wood burning flame.

The manual does give the stove pipe temperature, but completely neglects to mention at what height above the stove you are supposed to place the thermometer. Napoleon® wood burning stoves are considered the workhorses in the industry, performing dependably year after year, giving you the energy efficiency you need to heat your home. This process produces 70% less particle pollution than traditional wood burning fireplaces. The pedestal model is designed to provide you with outstanding heat efficiencies while achieving low emissions.

With Napoleon Wood Stoves, feel confident in knowing that you have selected a product that far exceeds industry standards. Napoleon® gas stoves are designed and manufactured to strict quality testing standards for your peace of mind. Timberwolf® pellet stoves & inserts are a great way to heat your home with a green fuel that is very affordable. Stove worked great first winter, I burn as much as possible, pretty much keep a continuous fire going from october-April with Propane Forced air furnace as backup. For people who prefer a detached stove rather than a fireplace, Napoleon offers both wood and gas varieties. I am sure there are better stoves out there, but for the money, my wife and I are quite satisfied.

We simply cut out the screen, since the stove pipe is three stories up and there are no woods or dry brush anywhere near the house if a stray spark ever manages to get near the ground-which I have never seen happen. Yes, stoves available today are indeed much more efficient than their older counterparts. Burning inserts with clean burning fires, radiating luxurious heat with minimal amount of work and wood.

Same great options and wood burning technology as the 1100, with a larger firebox chamber and heating area capacity. We may tie into your existing flue and chimney or find alternative solutions to match up adequately to the requirements of the stove that you install. Heat output will differ depending on chimney draft as well as type, moisture content and size of wood. A wide range of sizes and styles make these stoves a great choice for placement virtually anywhere in a home. Newly designed wood stoves are all E.P.A. certified to ensure the best air quality and can come in a range of different styles from modern to rustic and traditional, so you'll easily find one to complement your current décor.

This is one of the reasons Napoleon is the first choice for a growing number of Canadians. Our fantastic collection of wood stoves and accessories will allow you to become more energy efficient while still enjoying the beauty and warmth of a real wood burning fire. A centrally located wood stove can heat an entire room and some units can even warm houses as large as 3,500 square feet. All Regency wood products are clean burning and EPA certified to meet the strictest of air quality standards.

Years of research, strict quality testing and original design means the only choice for performance and style is a Napoleon® stove. A wood stove is one of the most romantic and efficient ways to heat your home, providing a beautiful focal point in any room, and, you can stay warm even when the power goes out. A wood pellet stove is a cost-effective, clean, and smoke-free way to heat your home through the fall and winter, keeping you cozy for less. Usually installed in a central location with clearance around all areas of the stove.

It is a stove that will help you cut down on electricity bills while giving you the comfort of being electricity independent. Years of research, strict quality testing and innovative wood burning technology have surpassed critical standards, providing you with the cleanest, most efficient wood burning products. When I lived in my mobile (single wide 65') I had a great wood stove....I cleaned the pipe (myself) at least twice a month. A selection of wood burning stoves are available for you to view in both of our stores.

Choose from gas, wood or pellet-burning inserts, and take pride knowing you have selected a Napoleon® product made with true craftsmanship and advanced industrial innovations. Fine, solid European cast iron design and Napoleon's advanced wood burning technology transform small amounts of wood into large amounts of cozy heat, easily sustaining overnight burns. At West Sport we can help you choose either a wood stove to help supplement your heating bill, or a wood stove to heat one room. OK. I had that problem when we first put the stove in, using an old stovepipe system we inherited from a former owner.

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