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Napoleon Prestige PRO500RSIB Grill with Infrared Rear and Side Burner

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900-square-inch cooking area – enough for 56 burgers
Dimensions: 64.25W x 26.25D x 50.25H in.
Stainless steel construction


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900-square-inch cooking area – enough for 56 burgers. Dimensions: 64.25W x 26.25D x 50.25H in.. Stainless steel construction. Available in liquid propane or natural gas. Up to 80,000 BTUs. Heavy-duty rotisserie kit and infrared burner. Pedestal base with hidden casters.
900-square-inch cooking area – enough for 56 burgers
Dimensions: 64.25W x 26.25D x 50.25H in.
Stainless steel construction
Available in liquid propane or natural gas
Up to 80,000 BTUs


I power-wash the BBQ approximately 3 to 4 times a year and generally cook meats on high heat with middle burner off (indirect).

In our tests, this was one of the fastest grills to heat up, reaching 500 degrees Fahrenheit in about three and a half minutes.

I actually saw a Ted Reader version of the Napoleon unit signed up in Canadian Tire as made in Canada..which it is not.

Napoleon Grills

Napoleon grills are some of best grills on the market today '” and it's not without reason. You plug in the Rotisserie (sp?) and of course the power for the lights and rear + side infrared burnesr into the power supply - but then the power supply has a socket for the source of the power (which you connect a cable that goes to the wall outlet.) I've tried many extension cords but nothing really fits (the socket is a standard NEMA 5-15P - Male) - so you need to plug in a cord that has 5-15R (female) end.

But that's just it — they have to stand behind the product if they wear the Weber or Napoleon name anywhere on their person. Napoleon says that's not normal and will replace it, but I'll see if it clears up this summer. I thought I was getting good product from a reputable company, boy was I was my first and last” Napoleon grill, never again. The LEX grills use a combination of 304 and 430 stainless, where the internal components are primarily 304 and the external are primarily 430. Or use the side burner to prepare sauces and sauté while grilling on the main burners.

The three primary burners on the Napoleon Mirage generate up to 48,000 Btu, which is about 99 Btu per square inch. Although Napoleon sightings are somewhat rare south of the Canadian border, this company produces quality products and is essentially Canada's answer to Weber. This Weber bbq has 9mm heavy duty style steal grilling rod, while at the same price range Napoleon has only 7mm. This LEX730RSBI has generous side shelves that also contain an integrated ice bucket and a range side burner. On the LEX 605 and 730 the sizzle zone” is located under the cooking grates inside the grill, and they have a conventional open flame side burner for even more versatility.

Napoleon Mirage Review 2017

VERDICT / Combining a rotisserie burner with rear and side infrared burners, the Napoleon Mirage creates a versatile, multipurpose cooking space - one of the best you can find. There are three factors to consider when using infrared — cooking time, the adjustable height of the grill, and the level of gas used on the adjustable controller. Napoleon was not interested in addressing my problems as they likely did not want to admit the grille was made in China. Napoleon LEX gas grills are an excellent value, especially considering the grill's innovative accessories and features.

The Napoleon PRO500RSIBPSS Prestige PRO Series Gas Grill is also a liquid propane model that includes a rotisserie and sizzle zone burner, which helps cook up delicious, juicy food in hardly any time at all. Their Built-in grills allow you to keep all the Napoleon quality and performance in your own custom setting. A dedicated rotisserie burner is usually located on the back of the firebox, slightly above the cooking grates; some models use the grill's main burner(s). The LEX730RSBI has an integrated infrared SIZZLE ZONE burner built in to the grill. Or use the side burner to prepare sauces and sauté while grilling on the main burners. But, when comparing it to the Napoleon Pro825, the differences were very apparent.

I love the Weber product, but the Napoleon build and features in my opinion clearly outclassed the Weber, at least on that line of products. But it's not just the beauty of the 500 that makes it one of the best-selling Napoleon grills - it's the functionality and craftsmanship. Napoleon quality and performance go into each grill head so the Napoleon BIPF450 Built-in Gas Grill Head comes with the highest standard components. Convenience and quality is maximised in the Napoleon Triumph 410 with side burner (T410SB).

Side burner Side burner A side burner, which resembles a gas-stove burner and has its own heat control, is handy if you want to cook vegetables or sauce without leaving the grill. Some of the best meals you'll ever eat are going to come from the Napoleon Prestige P500RSIB Grill with Rear Side Infrared Burner and Stainless Steel Doors. Just remove the sear plates and place the charcoal tray in. Sear the perfect steak over the infrared side burner, and then finish on the grill. Napoleon Gourmet Grills, a leader in manufacturing technology offering mid to high end gas grills enjoys high brand name recognition in North America.

The Napoleon Prestige P308 Gas Grill is perfect for those who want a high-end, stainless steel grill but don't have a whole lot of space. The versatile cooking space and overall features, construction and technology make the Napoleon Mirage gas grill a clear choice for our Top Ten Reviews Silver Award. Napoleon quality and performance go into each grill head so the Napoleon BIPT750RBI Built-in Gas Grill Head comes with the highest standard components. The Napoleon Prestige P500RSIB is a very nice high end cart mounted gas grill at an affordable price, competitive with Weber Summit, Saber's all stainless models and Broil King's Imperial Series, but it is not the top of the line Napoleon. You will pay more than $1,000 if you buy cheaper grills over the exact same time.

We found Broil King's Signet 320 Patented dual-tube burners deliver even heating with a wide temperature range, and plenty of searing power without a sear burner. One side shelf also holds the infrared SIZZLE ZONEâ„¢ side burner while the other folds down for storage and features optional locking screws. Infrared burners work when gas is forced through the ports in the ceramic where it will burn on the surface. Napoleon grills have unique cooking grates that leave a distinct sear pattern on your meat. The Napoleon Prestige 500 gas grill (P500RB-K) with Infrared Rear Burner is has just that.

Still, for around a hundred bucks, it is what it is. Many cheap gas grills have a warranty of one year or less. My much beloved 20 year old Vermont sat out in all weather till the burners rusted off the fire box, but apart from Weber and Napoleon, what other quality grills are out there. As far as Napoleon Canada's customer service or should I say lack of it” forget that as well, very poor service. Every Napoleon Prestige PRO grill comes with its instruction manual and a copy of the Prestige All Season Cookbook. Some grills also have lighting holes, on the side of or beneath the grill, that can be used with a match should the igniter fail. Now his daughter is grown and has a house of her own so he bought her one of the Spirit grills.

Napoleon's Prestige PRO Series Gas Grills are known for their beauty and performance. The Napoleon Prestige Pro 665RSIB is part of the Gas grill test program at Consumer Reports. Versatile Burner System - Rear stainless steel rotisserie burner heat waves sear and lock in the juices quickly for superior tenderness. Anybody contemplating buying a Napoleon product would best avoid it at all costs, they are junk.

There is also an infrared rear rotisserie burner that puts out a lot of heat — so much that you need to use it with care. Consumer Reports review of grills has some really cheap units as their top picks, but when you look at these products on other review sites, they get slammed. Napoleon offers a generous grilling area for the price, and there are a lot of add-on options so you can increase versatility of the grill. I have put together 3 grills in the past and this is the first time that every hole lined up perfectly. The LEX series comes with an infrared rear burner, an infrared sizzle-zone” burner, and a built-in ice bucket with integrated cutting board. Igniter type Igniter type Most grills have a mechanical igniter of either the push-button or rotary design.

The oven like performance on all of our Napoleon grills allows you to roast, sear, bake and rotiss with ease. Four bottom tube burners made with 304 stainless steel give you the durability and heat control that Napoleon is known for. I had initially set out to buy a weber genesis but the sales guy at bbq galore had a great sales pitch for the Napoleon p500rsib (natural gas). That red glow is infrared heat that will seal in the juices on that perfect steak or roast. I'm in between a Broil King Regal 490 Pro and since today a Napoleon Prestige P 500 RSIBPSS. The new Built-In PRO 825 with Infrared Rear and Burner Gas (BIPRO825RBI) is no different.

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