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Napoleon BILEX605RBIPSS Built in Propane Gas Grill

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Space saving lift ease roll top lid
Jet fire ignition system with stainless steel wave cooking grids and ACCU-PROBE temperature gauge
Engaging I-GLOW backlit control knobs for late night entertaining

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Product Description

The napoleon built-in LEX 605 with infrared bottom and rear burners. This propane grill head comes with the highest standard components.
Space saving lift ease roll top lid
Jet fire ignition system with stainless steel wave cooking grids and ACCU-PROBE temperature gauge
Engaging I-GLOW backlit control knobs for late night entertaining
Heavy gauge, long lasting stainless steel commercial grade burners with stainless steel sear plates to vaporize drippings and control flare-ups
High intensity ceramic infrared bottom burner (right side) for searing perfection


Stop by today and let us show you why we've decided to partner exclusively with Napoleon to meet our customer's discerning needs in the gas grill market.

Napoleon's prestigious gas grill cooks or barbeques foods the way you want to, oven- style way.

I had never seen a Napoleon.. but looked at one and saw features that seemed superior to what was offered by Weber for about the same price (about $950).

Napoleon Propane Grills

Napoleon's LEX 485rsib with infrared side burner and rear burners propane grill has everything you need for an outdoor kitchen experience. It does take a little bit of time to put together but it is so worth it I cook for my 4th of July party ever year it's alway 30 to 50 people every year and I cook homemade hamburgers which are way bigger then frozen ones I also make sausage and big ass Hebrew National hotdogs and I get everything done in two batches This grill comes with a seer plate which I put steaks on the move them over to the other side to finish.

This Dyna-Glo grill features dual fuel functionality (propane, LP gas and charcoal) and provides plenty of space to cook for many people at a time. This grill has a commercial stainless steel and black finish that is durable and easy to clean. With enough cooking surface to accommodate individuals as well as couples, families and large groups, this impressive grill deserves all the accolades it receives. Gas is forced through the tiny openings in the ceramic and the gas burns off, turning the ceramic red. In our tests, this was one of the fastest grills to heat up, reaching 500 degrees Fahrenheit in about three and a half minutes. I didn't do a lot of research, just lucked out buying from a local Napoleon dealer.

Although some gas grills can be too powerful in one spot, this grill features TRU-Infrared even-heat technology that produces juicier, evenly-cooked food without hot or cold spots on the grill. So if you have a gas stove in your kitchen, then you will know what to expect it is essentially the same idea, just made portable and used outside. I'm glad you had a better customer service experience than others have had, and that they resoled whatever issues you were having with your Napoleon. The item being returned has been obviously heavily used (such as significant charcoal buildup inside a grill).

Napoleon Propane And Natural Gas Grills

Although the price might be a little higher then other brands it is also a know fact that you get what you pay for. We have always had propane grills with lava briquettes so going to a burner tent design is new territory for us. This is also our first side burner. On the LEX 605 and 730 the sizzle zone” is located under the cooking grates inside the grill, and they have a conventional open flame side burner for even more versatility. Well constructed evenly Heats the grill area and the searing station is a plus since I've not had one before. Napoleon Gourmet Grills is North America's largest privately owned manufacturer of gas, propane, charcoal, and infrared grills, fireplaces, outdoor living products and indoor waterfalls. No matches or lighters to burn your fingers with when lighting this portable grill.

The porcelainized warming rack adds another 110 square inches which means that this grill packs serious cooking area into a space saving design that features fold down stainless steel side shelves. Napoleon also offers an optional halogen light that you can attach to the side of the unit for these nighttime barbecues. I now know that when I go to inspect the Napoleon bbq at one of the very few Napoleon stockists, I must ask for and sight the country of manufacture. Be the grill master of your backyard with the Performance 6-Burner Portable Liquid Propane Gas Grill!

Boasting a solid cart design, with four heavy duty wheels, you can move this cart wherever the action is. With its convenient size and mobile nature, this grill has a generous cooking area for gourmet grilling wherever you go. You want a high value gas grill, with great cooking features and accessories, backed by a strong warranty from a reputable company. It's a magnificent full-sized cooking unit with three burners and numerous other attractive features like halogen lights, electronic ignition and a side burner that takes less than 20 minutes to boil 15 quarts of water. Buying a grill turned out to be one of the most intense consumer-driven research projects I've undertaken in years.

Stop by our showroom at 3322 Dundas Street West and let our helpful associates introduce you to the variety of excellent barbecue grills from Saber and Napoleon. Side shelf material Side shelf material Shelves are usually made of stainless steel or painted steel (some using a powder-coating process), though a few are made of plastic. The Genesis NG is still working well although the flavour bars are now rusting and time for a change - so - time to review the cover blew away a few years back but still the Weber has stood up to the elements.

It is completely portable as it has lockable wheels, so it can be easily moved around from location to location with no issue, and there is a handy storage space underneath the main grill where the propane gas bottle can be safely stored. The knobs' ergonomic design makes it easy to grill in the dark without squinting to see the temperature settings. This is often used to head up side dishes, and does not affect the main grill at all. In addition to excellent email and phone support, Napoleon has informative FAQs on its website that provide tips on grill assembly, general grill care and methods of grilling. The Cuisinart TwiStart Ignition system allows easy lighting for any amateur to have the grill going on the first try.

Their Built-in grills allow you to keep all the Napoleon quality and performance in your own custom setting. During my research one of the things I noticed was a few complaints regarding assembly of the grill. All in all, for its relatively small, compact design and remarkably affordable price, the Aussie 205 Stainless Steel Tabletop Gas Grill is a superb choice for a portable grill. Overall I would say I've been very satisfied with the grill as I've never had to put a dime into it….yet.

To leave a lasting impression, close-up views of features like the SIZZLE ZONE show how Napoleon delivers an extraordinary grilling experience. Weber's sear station burner is where you'll preserve your cooked meal's freshness and delectability. And I can understand why: I was taking out my frustrations on him—the grill business is a little nuts, but it's not his fault. Another nice feature of this gas grill is its integrated ice bucket and cutting board on the side shelf. After all, nothing beats the convenient way to monitor my grill's gas on a regular basis. The integrated side shelves provide prep area with a place for your towels and tools.

The casters that are the very foundations of the grill are less than ideal and a mockery at this price point. Dyna Glo Propane 5-Burner's cart is packed with two easy to open doors for convenient cooking. A common additional feature is a side burner, which is literally an additional burger on the outside of the main grill. I've visited a few specialty BBQ stores in the Greater Toronto Area (BBQ Galore in Vaughan, Dicksons in uptown Toronto) and in terms of Napolean, they all recommend the Prestige and Prestige Pro line. Follow these guidelines and the filters below to find the built in grill right for you.

Napoleon quality and performance go into each grill head so the Napoleon BIPT750RBI Built-in Gas Grill Head comes with the highest standard components. Portable Infrared Grill 14,000 BTU infrared burner provides high heat on the go - with plenty of grilling capacity. The Mirage comes with an infrared side burner that features a ceramic infrared heating plate and burner in the rear of the unit. Whether you use it in the backyard or in back of your pickup truck, the Coleman RoadTrip LXE Propane Grill may end up being your best outdoor buddy.

The Weber Premium CEP-330 is made only for the Canadian market and sold for 1300$ for propane and 1350$ NG version in bbq speciality stores. Napoleon is trying their best to avoid really doing the right thing with regards to the shocking amount of rust that has built up on the stainless steel sections of my Napoleon 485. This gas barbecue grill is one of the few midrange grills we found that features a rear infrared burner. The Dyna-Glo DGE486BSP-D Liquid Propane Gas Grill comes with a 1-year limited product warranty and a 5-year limited burner warranty. Dyna 5-Burner Propane's side burner is an alternative barbequing space for snacks and light meals.

You'll love outdoor cooking with the Napoleon P500RSIBPSS Prestige 85,000 BTU stainless steel propane grill. But I do know Weber and Napoleon and other BBQ tops darken (brown) over time due to extreme heat exposure. Take gourmet grilling anywhere, on any terrain with the Napoleon TravelQ TQ285X Portable Gas Grill with Scissor Cart. Additional features include: double-wall lid with easy-lift handle, integrated temperature gauge for accurate grill zone temperatures and a 10-foot natural gas hose and quick connect (included).

This model includes an integrated cart with two doors and (4) casters for backyard portability. There are four angled burners in the main grilling area, and the simple act of making them angled means that the heat is distributer properly, meaning that it uses less gas to get to temperature, and will result in a more even and quick cook. These include racks, temperature control lids, extra gas elements, rotisseries and different style hot plates. It also has two side burners, one on each side, and these burners have heavy duty covers so can double as bench space when not being used. The LEX grills are also available as built-in models , which are nice, affordable options for your outdoor kitchen.

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