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BeefEater 12830S 3-Burner Built-in BBQ Grill

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500 sq. in. cooking surface – enough for 31 burgers
Overall Dimensions: 28W x 26D x 20.7H in.
Heavy-gauge fully-welded steel construction


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The ultra-sleek BeefEater 12830S 3-Burner Built-in BBQ Grill is a stylish design with all the functionality you need to create any mouthwatering dish you desire. This versatile cooker is expertly crafted from heavy-gauge fully-welded stainless steel with a convection roasting hood that sports an integrated thermostat as well as a window so you have a clear view of the warming rack. The grill’s main cooking surface is made of rust-resistant stainless steel and is big enough to sear as many as 31 burgers at once, making it ideal for large gatherings. Three individually operated burners combine to deliver up to 54,000 BTUs of cooking power and with the quartz ignition system, startup is always a breeze. For added peace of mind, its anti-flare technology ensures that annoying flare-ups and heat loss are greatly reduced for faster, safer cooking with superior fuel economy. 500 sq. in. cooking surface – enough for 31 burgers. Overall Dimensions: 28W x 26D x 20.7H in.. Heavy-gauge fully-welded steel construction. Rust-resistant stainless steel cooktop. 54,000 BTUs. Quartz start ignition system and three burners. Vaporizer grid and reflector system with anti-flare technology. Includes large removable warming rack. Limited-lifetime manufacturer warranty.
500 sq. in. cooking surface – enough for 31 burgers
Overall Dimensions: 28W x 26D x 20.7H in.
Heavy-gauge fully-welded steel construction
Rust-resistant stainless steel cooktop
54,000 BTUs


Cal Flame provides the finest in gourmet grilling with this particular high performance Epicure 5-Burner G5 Stainless Steel Gas Barbecue Grill that gives 1,000 square inches of cooking space. Featuring supreme performance, solid stainless steel stuff throughout, 5 stainless steel burners, incorporated side wok burner and lots of room on the grill to cook for the whole crew; this is one really serious bbq. It's simple to transfer this grill from one point to other, thanks to its locking wheel castors. Beefeater BBQ If you are trying to make your personal setting and put in a small luxury to your house. For comparison, you got 3 years from a $300 bunnings crap bbq, I anticipate to get 20 years from a $1500 beefeater - so for me that's great worth. While this grill and most of the units in the Discovery line are manufactured in China under contract with Beefeater this component is really nicely made and fairly solid feeling. Based in Australia, they're among the biggest grill makers in the united states along with in the United States and Europe. This gives this grill high extreme heat which is excellent for direct grilling together with the lid upward. For folks used to American design grills, you may get the internal space modest. This built in BBQ not only looks great but packs plenty of grunt and is as tough as boots prepared to get any party going. A reputation built on exceptional durability, faultless operation, functional design and stylish looks. Plentiful and absolutely former, this 3 burner was made to be placed on show and constructed to last.

Reloading or stoking charcoal is created easy by opening the steel entry door on the very front of the grill. Read customer reviews and common Inquiries and Answers for BeefEater Part #: 18632 on these pages. Be the grill master of your backyard together with the Performance 6-Burner Portable Liquid Propane Gas Grill! All BeefEater Discovery Grills take a Guarantee on the porcelain enamel roasting hood andchassissections.

Beefeater Discovery 1100E Built In BBQ BeefEater is a top pick for BBQ enthusiasts who prefer a grill having a proven, dependable ignition system, commercial quality construction and high heat output signal. The Dyna Glo Liquid Propane Gas Grill is a superior alternative for the whole BBQ encounter and with 708-square inches of cooking place, there is enough room to grill for the family, buddies as well as neighbors. When you purchase a BeefEater Signature Series 3 Burner BBQ Grill online from , we make it as simple as you are able to that you learn when your merchandise will likely be delivered. In case your BeefEater has a roasting hood, there certainly are quite a few methods by which you can join both direct and indirect cooking. Knock yourself out with not only amazing performance, but looks to fit with this 4 burner attractiveness. Warm your sauces or side dishes about the 13,000 BTU lidded side burner or keep prepared foods warm. This built in BBQ not only looks great but packs plenty of grunt and is as tough as old boots, prepared to get any party going. The removable grill hood is angled, which creates a convection effect which means that your meals will get that chargrilled flavor without drying up. BeefEater makes it an easy task to track your food using a glass window built into the hood to help you watch as your food cooks. We sell the official Beefeater mount sets which make installing your brand-new grill to your outside kitchen space straightforward. Added attributes include: double-wall lid with simple-lift handle, incorporated temperature gauge for precise grill zone temperatures and heavy gauge stainless steel cooking grates for simplicity.

In partnership with CarbonClearall UK provided BeefEater grills can be bought whole with a5 yearcarbon counter. The BeefEater is designed so the outer edges of the cooking surface, particularly the right and left sides, will have a lesser temperature in relation to the middle when all burners are on identical settings. The Char-Griller Smokin Pro Charcoal Grill and Smoker makes your backyard bash pleasure.

This BBQ is good in most facets except my side burner / wok petrol cock/swap grabbed (not certain why, constantly under cover and just used side burner / wok once). The Dyna Glo Smart Space Dwelling 3 Burners Gas Grill with Folding Side Table was created to fit in smaller decks and verandas and brings fashion and efficiency to your own cooking experience. Beneath the cupboard are 4 caster wheels for greatest freedom, 2 of which lock set up to maintain the grill secure and steady while you are cooking. For a lot of years Beefeater grills have been amongst the hottest of the Australian fashion gas grills. Replaced the grill plate with a different hot plate so as I possibly could double the sausage to onion ratio.

Built In LP gas grill comes with 5 high powered, cast stainless steel burners that create 75.000 BTUs joined with a ceramic back rotisserie burner pushing out 12.000 BTUs for a total of 87.000 BTUs of grilling electricity. Be the grill master of your backyard with all the Performance 5-Burner Portable Liquid Propane Gas Grill! Be the master chef of your neighborhood's summer bbq using the Thermos 2 Burner Portable Liquid Propane Gas Grill from Char Broil! The 5 burner version offers remarkable value, amazing features and lovely styling.

This handyside shelfwith side burner is a portion of the Touch Outside Kitchen string together with the substitute for add onto any 4or 5 burner Signature outside kitchen versions. Should you be cooking with no hood, or together with the hood in the open position, heat is going to be lost, thus you're able to use any burner shape that satisfies the recipe, or your individual taste. All Dyna Glo Grills were created round the theory that consumer's are buying high-performing, long-lasting and well-constructed grill and also this version is just that - a high quality, durable grill which you should use for a long time.

Now featuringour exclusive advanced safety feature, theOn Board Safety Technology characteristic assistsin ensuring you will never accidentally depart from your grill on. Each burner is fitted using a bluesafetyLED whichremainslit while the gas is switched on. Keep a watch with this symbol on chosen BeefEater barbecues! Napoleon's Gas Grill has all you desire for a backyard kitchen experience. Having a reputation built on exceptional durability, faultless operation, functional design and stylish looks, you ought to consider you next grill to be a Beef Eater. It's simple to transfer this grill from one position to other, thanks to its locking wheel castors.

The versatile BeefEater 12830 3 Burner Built in BBQ Grill is expertly crafted from heavy-gauge fully-welded stainless steel having a convection roasting hood that sports a built-in thermostat together with a window so that there is a clear view of the heating stand. Should you be after a blue tongue and therefore are in Adelaide, you should need to either purchase directly from them or wait about 3 weeks, as speaking to the only distributer today, they sold all their stock (including show room flooring stock) and wont have any for another few weeks. Plus, whether you favor an open grill or a good hotplate, our variety of customisable cast iron furnishings offers distinct cooking arrangements to satisfy your requirements.

Having a sturdy stainless steel BBQ framework and roasting hood with no bustle rust free porcelain enamel cooktops on board, you'll be able to fire up this 3 burner barbie and cook for the crew, then sit back, relax and luxuriate in. Whether you favor a BBQ on wheels like a stainless steel cart, or a integrated model that may very quickly be set up into your custom outdoor kitchen island they've the best grill for you personally. Made to an exacting standard, BeefEater BBQs possess a trusted quartzignition without dependence on batteries, three heavy duty burners, rust free cooktops and a built-in convection roasting hood. Stainless Steel vaporizer grid and high heating anti-flare systems were created to vaporize juices instantly as the they fall through the grill.

Featuring solid, simple clean, no bustle porcelain enamel building with rust free cooktops; this 3 burner ripper provides excellent performance whilst adding value to your own outdoor entertaining place. Whether you merely want to purchase a BeefEater Signature Series 3 Burner BBQ Grill or store for your whole house, has a zillion things house. Having an assortment of sizes varying from 3 to 5 burners and committed side burners on all the hooded bbq, Beef Eater supplies an extensive variety of alternatives on your barbecuing needs.

I take advantage of a Webber Q220, (since I live in a appartment), my parents possess a big webber 6 burner also it's been going strong for more than a decade but still looks amazing. The Beefeater Touch Plus grill range in stainless steel is backed up using an eternity guarantee. All BeefEater Discovery Grills take a Guarantee on the porcelain enamel roasting hood andchasissections. Afterward decrease the burner settings to get the desirable level of heat and fire before cooking. The pizza stone retains heat out of your BBQ grill which in turn creates a crisp, tasty pizza base in virtually no time in any way. This preformance gas grill features 3 top-ported tube burners producing 24,000 BTU of steak-searing power. The Beefeater Discovery Series offers exceptional value in a solid, straightforward layout.

BeefEater Signature Plus Cabinet Trolley Cart contains 2 side shelves, 19,900 BTU side burner, 2 storage baskets and telescopic towel rack. The 2 burners are simple to ignite together with the Piezo ignition system that provides a trusted discharge with each push of the button, ensuring you are willing to grill in seconds. This BeefEater grill also includes a regular 1/4-inch thick griddle that replaces one segment of the grill grates.

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