Turn your Charcoal bbq smoker into a grill

January 23, 2013 12:11 am

If you ever desire smoke a salmon or a brisket but you are unable to do so because of the old and outdated smoker you have. You can easily coke and smoke food like pro. The guide to successful smoking is preparing your food at slow and lower rate. That implies cook for long time but at a lower temperature. The basic point behind in directly cooking the food at low frame but for a longer time is to heat them up with the smoke and not with the fire. Most of us only use the fun way of cooking the food.

So they prefer to purchase the Charcoal bbq smokers and that only cooks the food with smoking. Well that’s not true! With the following steps and guide you can easily turn your old charcoal smoker into Top Charcoal bbq smoking Grill.

In order to can ward your charcoal smoker to a smoker pit all you need to do is go through these simple steps:

Top Charcoal bbq smoking Grills: You will require boat for smoking purpose. You can choose your favorite grill.

A metal to quart pan: it is used to place the wood chips inside it. A porcelain bowl that is utilized in the smokers can be purchase easily in the market.

Water - To drench the wood chips

Charcoal – do not use the charcoal that has a lighter fluid inserted in it. You will feel its taste inside your food. Try to choose the normal or plain charcoal.

The four steps are to drench your wood chips inside the water along with the different seasonings if you have. Carefully remember that it will enhance the flavor of your food. After you have completely drenched the chips inside the metal pan, place the pan into the middle off the charcoal.

Now you have to pour the charcoal on bold the sides of the bowl containing the wood chips. Ignite the charcoal and once you feel that the board has started to smoke it is the time to keep the meat over the grill. Remember to keep your food over the water pan and close all the openings and lids.

Keep the temperature of the grill at 190 degrees and also use a thermometer to know when the food has been fully cooked. You may require the water and charcoal after every hour.

Learn to excel in your grill with the help of a professional. Learning how to prepare unbelievably tender steaks and juicy chicken, brisket and ribs can now also increase your value among your friends and relatives and you can also choose this hobby as your profession. You can also learn few secrets tips of barbecue and also go across the recipes and tips that are available on the Internet in a great variety.

There is different kind of dark or when that is available in the market and contains many features. I have been able to select the best charcoal grill ranging from simple to the fully fledged functional grills which will cost you about $2000. Select the smoker grill that accurate for you and must also purchase a pocketbook inmate all the tips and recipes of preparing different food on charcoal grill are given. All the smoker show vast difference of the “charcoal bbq smoker grills” in the market, even if you are looking for a grill that can smoke your food or can prepare you a simple and delicious meal.

Weber 22 1/2-inch One-Touch Silver

These Charcoal bbq smokers was invented by Weber. Today you will find many other companies that you come lately have tried to imitate this model of the grill as it offers many features and ability to cook tasty and delicious food. The town design of the barbecue smoke is grill concentrates on the heat and the different vents inside it allows regulating the temperature. It is among the best models that are available in the market today. As you can easily control the temperature and can choose to pull the food for a long time at a low flame. When you cook your food for a long time at a lower to flame it is a smoked and not cooked directly.

Char-Griller Outlaw

Char-Griller Outlaw is available in the market and is about 1000 square inch in size and allows you a lot of space to cook tasty, delicious and outstanding food. It is the best equipment for cooking serious barbeque. It is among the oldest and a traditional model but has all the advanced and latest features. It is constructed using heavy steel which also helps it to save from rusting. So if you’re looking to make a good investment than it is among the Charcoal bbq smokers that will keep you happy for a long time.