Outdoor bbq smokers – Backyard smokers

January 23, 2013 12:47 am

Throughout history, Smoking Meat has always been one of the basic parts of barbequing and cooking in general. Our ancestors recognized the great taste that smoke infused into meat. It is this taste that has carried over into the modern world with “outdoor backyard barbeque smokers” to fit every lifestyle.

Today, barbeque lovers from every part of the globe love it for the same good reasons. Once again, the main appeal is the flavor it adds to bbq meat. It’s no wonder that today, hundreds of barbecue cooks and eaters enjoy barbecue smokers. With the modern smokers of today, barbeque is that much better and much more convenient to prepare.

If you’ve ever eaten properly prepared pulled pork or bbq ribs, you undoubtedly notice that the meat falls right apart as you picked it up. The secret to this is slow cooked barbeque smoker cooking. With home bbq smokers, barbeque can be cooked as well as any restaurant.

The great outdoor bbqs is more of a social event than any other kind of meal. We may invite family and friends round for a meal if there is a specific occasion to celebrate, such as Christmas or Thanksgiving, but a great outdoor bbqs is probably the one meal where there is no particular reason for it to happen – other than the fact there is good weather!

It’s also much less formal than a meal where we sit up at the table. We dress casually, we relax and enjoy ourselves more, and nothing is expected of us except to have a good time.

Children are much more involved as well. Because great outdoor bbqs takes place outdoors they can play quite happily and be watched by the adults – so long as they stay clear of the barbeque itself.

A barbeque smoker will serve another purpose of tenderizing the meat, which allows you to use cheaper cuts of meat for great results. This is because smoked meat has a tendency to fall apart easily and contains a smoky flavor that will satisfy your hunger.

There are two main factors  – slow cooking and low heat. Using method of slow cooking means the food will not ever dry out or be over cooked. Smoker cooking is actually a way for less experienced cooks to achieve professional results with cooking meats.

Since smoking your meat outdoor or in the backyard takes so much time, all you really have to do is place the food on the racks and smoke will start to form from the meat’s own juices. All that’s really left is making sure the fire stays going for the time needed if using a charcoal or wood smoker. Then leave it alone for the desired smoking time.