How to Choose a BBQ Smoker

January 23, 2013 12:45 am

While choosing a BBQ smoker, make sure that you make the right selection as do not choose apples to lemons.  There are few features that will help you understand the difference between the reliability and durability of your BBQ smoker.  In this article you will get to know few aspects of good quality smokers that will give you a long last and service ended keep you happy for long.  All the features are standard of only on the model of BBQ smoker and not on others.  So, when you’re choosing a good smoker you must pay  attention towards its standard features when you compare the price between different models.

Stainless Steel Grates

You must check if the smoker you are going to purchase has T 304 stainless steel grates.  Stainless steel grates would add to the cost of the BBQ smoker and the payments you will make can be a wise investment for the future.  Stainless steel grates are much better than other models of the BBQ smoker as they are rust free.  The stainless steel grates do not get rust and they are easy to clean up as well as compare to the contaminated rusty grades.

Double-Tiered Racks

The second thing to notice is the number of racks a BBQ smoker has?  Some of the models have a feature of tier grate, which makes the cooking surface double its size.  For instance meadow creek smoker are available in standard size with two different stains less steel grates.  Both the greats on the BBQ smoker are good in width and can slide on any side off the smoker to access it easily.

Door Latches

What number of times have you looked smokers taking part in the competitions and other barbecue events with bungee straps?  Most of the BBQ smokers available in the market have the feature of door latch that opens up easily as the equipment bounces over the road. Select BBQ smoker that has a very good lock let system and is always closed tightly.

Warming Box

A warming box actually keeps your chicken warm when you are smoking the Ribs of the chicken and also assist you and cooking beans.  Think of a woman box that has many shells so that not only you can cook beans or it but can keep your food warm at one time.  Some of the warming box can also be customized to fit a live smoke chamber in it to provide more space to the smoke meat.

Removable Ash Pan

If you want your fire to burn efficiently and to collect the ash in the fire box can drop down easily into through a space in the Ash pan.  The ash pan with allow you to remove the ash than ever it is filled with it.