Bbq grill smokers – barbeque grilling and smoking

January 22, 2013 11:46 pm

Barbeque or BBQ in short, is one of the unique methods of cooking food items over scattered hot charcoal, wood or flame. The flame is just mild enough to cook the pieces well without bringing about much change in their natural taste or flavor. Marinated or covered with spices and condiments, the food pieces so cooked have a smoky savor. This is what makes BBQ so popular all over the world. Food products especially meat prepared in the BBQ manner tends to be more chewable and tasty.

“Bbq grill smokers” are ideal for cooking varied meat products. Low heat intensity seeps through the surface of the meat pieces and cooks it evenly. Moreover dry heat and smoke not only enhance the taste but also make them deliciously tender.

“Brinkman Bbq grill smokers” are one of the well known BBQ brands suitable for outdoor cooking apparatus. Smoker grills using charcoal are most preferred models among Brinkmann Bbq grill smokers. Equipped with hinged door and durable plated grills they are convertible to charcoal grills as and when required.

“Barbecue grill smokers” are available in the price range of $50 to $5000 depending on their size, design and features.

If you are beginner, you can go for the vertical type water smokers equipped with cooking rack, water pan and a fire pan. The water adds moisture to the BBQ food item so that it does not become too stiff to eat.

Offset smokers are another type of Barbecue grill smokers which usually encase a firebox, chambers for cooking/smoking as well as a chimney. These models are large sized and thus are ideal for preparing big meat pieces. Due to large volume of BBQ, they are well suited for commercial businesses.

“Electric Bbq grill smokers” are second to BBQ grill smokers running on gas. Also consider “Grill Smoker Combos”.

Brinkman electric grill smokers is most widely used by people who enjoy BBq. These “double grill electric smokers” can be easily converted to electric grills. It is user friendly as it saves time in ignition.
“Electric smokers” are hassle free as you do not have to struggle a lot with lighting up of a fire as the heating elements heat up according to set temperature once you turn in on. Some customized Electric smokers also are equipped with a provision to use wood chips. This feature makes it versatile when you want to prepare a real smoky meal. “Electric smokers” do not require much cleaning up.

Char Broil is another well known brand name among various BBQ grill smokers’. The latest models of these BBq grill smokers can be used for bbq, smoker or grill. They can be customized as per the requirement of consumers.

“Wood smoker grills” make use of wood or hot charcoal to BBq large portions of meat. These types of BBq grill smokers are preferred by those individuals who want to add the smoky aroma in their meals.

How to Choose A BBQ Grill and BBQ Smoker?

To begin with there are some concepts which need to be clearly understood. While BBQ refers to slow cooking on low flame, grilling implies fast cooking on hot flame.

In general since bbq is cooking done over hot pieces of wood in low flame so as to retain the natural moisture content of the meat or food item being so cooked. This is what makes the meat tender and deliciously juicy. This is very important for large chunks of meat which has to be cooked evenly which is not possible on a high flame. Large meat portions cannot be grilled as they end up being over cooked or even burnt on the outside but relatively raw from the inside. Many bbq cooks make use of the heat source that is offset from a cooking chamber which prevents direct contact of meat with the heat source.

BBQ charcoal grills smokers

Using the indirect heat technique, “Tank style” and Arctic Products smoker is one of the popularly used barbeque cookers, the branded ones being Ben Lang and David Klose. While Primo, Big Green Egg and Kamado are the commonly used models in the category of “direct style barbecue Bbq grill smokers”. Besides these reputed brands you also have innumerable other brands to choose from.

Factors to consider before buying a bbq grill smoker -

Most of the people base their decision while choosing a “bbq grill smoking cookers” on the following factors:

Availability of wood or charcoal, cost of these combustible products, space required to keep bbq grill smokers, budget, past experience and last but not the least personal liking or ego. If you got wood, consider opting for a wood pellet smoker. For charcoal, this is one of the best smokers.

Those living in metropolitan areas where space is a major constraint, smaller portable models prove to be perfectly viable as compared to bulky offset cookers. Since there is lack of open spaces, easy to carry, low maintenance barbeque grill smokers would serve much utility to such individuals.

Some small and space-friendly bbq grills smokers -

Meco Stainless Steel Electric Smoker

Weber 18.5 Smokey Mountain Cooker Smoker

Offset “bbq grill smoker” not only use more space but also require a lot of wood or charcoal supply which is not very feasible if you happen to live in a small apartment. However offset cookers are a good option for those small sized families residing in semi urban or country side having much space at their disposal, the traditional offset barbeque grill smokers is a good alternative. Offset cookers are available in economical models as well as high end models.

The kind of barbeque grill smoker you choose should not fall short of your requirements. Go for the right sized bbq, so that you do not tend to block your hard cash purchasing the over sized bbq grill smoker when your needs are limited as the family is too small.

Someone living in an apartment might find it difficult to justify the purchase of a big offset cooker, not only due to a lack of wood supply, but also for a lack of inside storage space when the “bbq grill smoker” is not being used.

Offset cookers range in price from the typical $150-hardware store budget conscious variety, to the top-of-the-line pits manufactured by a master pit builder that can get real expensive, real fast.

Typically, someone with a single-family home with a garage for storage, or a storage shed of some type, would be more likely to own an offset cooker versus someone living in an efficiency-sized apartment in the heart of a downtown metropolitan area.