Barbecue Smokers – Types and features

January 22, 2013 11:31 pm

Barbeque or BBQ in short, is one of the methods of cooking food items specially meat over the hot charcoal, wood or flame. This method is very popular in most of the countries as it retains the flavor of the food so cooked. The basic reason behind the exquisite taste is the slow and gradual heat that evenly penetrates in to the food product retaining its natural earthy taste. Most of the people marinate the food stuff to be barbequed so that they can satisfy their particular taste buds. Others may prefer liberal application of spices and condiments over the food product before they barbeque them.

The term has come to be synonymously used for the apparatus as well that is used for this mode of cooking. In the verb form, barbeque refers to the act of cooking while barbeque as adjective attributes to the food items prepared in a prescribed manner by use of hot coal or wood. Since lot of smoke and carbon gas is emitted in Barbeque, it is usually done out doors. Besides the mouth watering savor, any food item that is cooked be it vegetables, meat or cheese, the tender sizzling quality of the cuisine is more appetizing.

Nowadays, you have range of Barbeque smokers apparatus in the market. Besides the price, they may vary in terms of capacity or volume, their size, design, shape, portability, maintenance, insulation, colour, or the medium of cooking like coal, gas or wood. You have umpteen choices to make your pick.

Some Popular brands of barbecue smokers -

Bradley Smokers
Brinkmann smokers
CharBroil smokers
Landmann smokers
Masterbuilt smokers
Meco smokers
Weston smokers

Read ahead to know about the types and various features of Barbecue Smokers

electric smokers
grill smoker combo
propane smokers
smoky mountain smokers
stainless steel smokers
vertical smokers

Egg Green smokers This type of Barbeque smokers usually come with an insulator and occupy more of vertical space. Egg Green smokers may range from $600 to $700 depending on the size.
Traeger Pellet Smokers – These Barbeque smokers require the use of wood pellets for cooking. Traeger Pellet Smokers may start from as low as $695.
CharBroil smokers – These Barbeque smokers are the most affordable smokers which can be purchased for as low as $160.
Stumps Smoker – This insulated, vertically designed smoker uses charcoal for barbeque purposes. Stumps Smoker start at around $1600.
Lang Smoker – Is a traditional type of smoker which is not insulated. This BBQ has a metal plate that runs lengthwise placed suitably under BBQ meat grate. The food so prepared has more of a smoky flavor as the smoke travels over the BBQ pieces. They can be had at $2195.
Fast Eddy by Cookshack – is another brand that is popular among BBQ competitors. It is a kind of pellet model with vertical design.
Southern Yankee – these smokers come in varied models. They are equipped with rotisseries and concession trailers. They can be had for minimum $3750 or up.

If you are planning to get one for your personal use, then following factors may help you decide better:

Price – this is the most crucial factor considered by one and all at the time of purchase. If affordability is your priority then Traeger BBQ smokers are the best ones to go for especially if you happen to have a backyard. Check for the durability and the thickness of the metal frame of the body– if it is too thin or light weight, just avoid it. Such thin BBQ smokers lack in proper ventilation and are not give the right BBQ effect.

Preparation – BBQ smokers of traditional offset types require a lot of preparatory work related to right ignition of flames over wood charcoal. This equipment consumes a lot of wood. You have to check the flames every 15- 30 mins. Southern Yankee is another type using similar combustible substances-wood or charcoal. These BBQ smokers can pull down your energy levels. Stumps and Big Green Egg can run for a longer time with a single bag of charcoal. Traeger and Fast Eddy do not require manual feeding as wood pellets fed automatically for BBQ.

Insulated – The insulated smokers continue for long burns so can give a little rest to your eyes on one of those overnight BBQ pursuit. Stumps and Big Green Egg and are well insulated smokers.

Size – If you want to save on some space then Weber smoker or Traeger Tex is a good option, however they are not feasible for BBQ competitions.

Substances used for combustion – Smokers use charcoal, wood or pellets to cook a food item. The choice of this depends on your personal taste preferences. Of course, you can try a combination series that is just perfect for you by combining – Charcoal with wood or pellets with charcoal or propane gas.