About wood bbq smokers

January 23, 2013 12:55 am

If you are interested in making sure that your food has a delicious flavor, especially because it has been smoked so carefully in the Best Wood Smoker you can find in the market today, naturally, you are going to look for the wood smoking options. One has to remember that you have to choose the best wood chip for taking out the flavor in a particular food item and not the other way round. There are some foods which are particularly delicious, when they are flavored by wood smoke of some particular woods.

You are going to get the extensive list at the bottom of this article. So once you read the list, look at the article which you are going to barbecue and then decide upon the perfect wood flavoring. It is a well-known fact that nothing beats hickory to flavor meat, especially when they happen to be ribs, but you are going to be surprised at the number of chips, which can really make an ordinary piece of meat a gourmet’s delight.

Now look at the scientific business of wood smoking. The wood barbecue smoker is going to “burn” the wood in an area, which is oxygen deprived. Instead of the wood burning into ashes, this wood is now going to smoke. Every single piece of aromatic wood out there is going to impart a different a different flavor to the meat, which is being smoked. The most delicious smoky flavor is obtained from green wood. This is extremely smoky and is going to last for a longer period of time. It is also going to burn at a higher temperature. Always remember to soak the wooden chips (if they are bought in bags), for about half an hour, so there is enough of moisture in the wood. That is when you are going to put it in your wood barbecue smoker.

If you are using a good “wood BBQ smoke grill” instead of a smoker, you can always wrap up some wood chips in punctured aluminum foil, before you place the foil upon the hot charcoal. You need stronger smoke wood for this procedure; otherwise you are not going to say any tangible difference.

Look at these different type of woods before you go in for smoking meat products.

# Acacia – a strong smoke

# Almond – sweet and nutty (as you’d expect)

# Apricot – mild and sweet and an interesting alternative to Hickory (just a little milder)

# Cherry – sweet & fruity

# Cottonwood – a very subtle flavor, worth a try but not my favorite

# Grape Vine – beautifully aromatic and sweet if you can get hold of it.

# Nectarine – again similar to hickory but sweeter and quite mild just like the Apricot

# Peach – slightly sweet flavor

# Pecan – strong smoke similar to oak but just a little more gentle

# Plum – similar to hickory but milder and sweeter

For red meat try the following:

# Grapefruit – a good medium smoke with a fruity note

# Lemon – again medium smoke with a light fruit aroma

# Mesquite – strong and earthy so try it with beef

# Mulberry – beautifully sweet apple flavor

# Oak – really heavy smoke so definitely one for beef

# Orange – another fruity one with medium smoke